Aire Form Builder Package for Laravel

What is Aire?

Aire is a modern Laravel form builder (demo) with a focus on the same expressive and beautiful code you expect from the Laravel ecosystem.


Install via composer with:

composer require glhd/aire

Basic Example from GitHub

{{ Aire::open()
  ->bind($user) }}

<div class="flex flex-col md:flex-row">

  {{ Aire::input('given_name', 'First/Given Name')
    ->groupClass('flex-1 mr-2') }}
  {{ Aire::input('family_name', 'Last/Family Name')
    ->groupClass('flex-1') }}
{{ Aire::email('email', 'Email Address') }}
{{ Aire::submit('Update User') }}
{{ Aire::close() }}

Follow Documentation for more example and understand all features.

Under Consideration / Feature Ideas

There are a few things that are still either in-the-works or being considered for a later release. These include:

Created by Chris Morrell