How to use join in Javascript?

What is Join?

Joins all elements of an array into a string and returns this string. Uses a separator and an end separator.

Use Array.prototype.reduce() to combine elements into a string.

Omit the second argument, separator, to use a default separator of ','.

Omit the third argument, end, to use the same value as separator by default.

join(['jon', 'lilly', 'casy', 'tet'], ',', '&'); 
// "jon,lilly,casy&tet"
join(['jon', 'lilly', 'casy', 'tet'], ','); 
// "jon,lilly,casy,tet"
join(['jon', 'lilly', 'casy', 'tet']); 
// "jon,lilly,casy,tet"

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